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Muvit 20W Transparent 20000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank

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Muvit 20W Transparent 20000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank

Muvit 20W Transparent 20000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank

Rs. 2,499.00 Rs. 1,299.00

Muvit 20W Transparent 20000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank

Rs. 2,499.00 Rs. 1,299.00

Fast Charging Power Bank 20000mah

A fast charging power bank 20000mAh, is a power bank used to store 20,000mAh power and then charge other electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets with different charging outputs.

Battery: This is 5V to 20V. Input: 20000 mAh. Higher-capacity power banks can recharge devices more times before needing to recharge them themselves.

Output Ports: Look for power banks with multiple output ports, especially if you need to charge more than one device simultaneously. USB ports, USB-A and USB-C ports, and common USB-C and Lightning connector cables.

Input Port: This is how you recharge the power bank itself. USB-C and USB-A  ports are increasingly common for both charging devices and recharging the power bank.

Charging Speed: Look for power banks that support a 20000 mAh battery capacity to quickly recharge smart devices.

Safety Features: Some power banks come with built-in safety features such as overcharge protection, short circuit protection, and temperature control to prevent damage to your devices.

Compatible Devices: Portable power bank compatible with all smart devices iPhone devices, Android devices, and laptops.


Brand Muvit
Model 20,000mAh Power Bank
Features LED Screen, Back LED night light, transplant display
Operating System Mobile Device
Charging Port ‎2 USB-A, 2 USB C Port, 3 multi connecting cable
Battery Capacity 20,000mAh Battery
Charging Port 8 Port
Input 5V/2A
Output 5V/2A
Product Dimensions 5 x 4 x 8.5 cm; 80 Grams
Country Of Origin China

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Geeta dhinga

I loved it it really works good.

Very fast changing

Purchase for travel and power outages. Used it several times, very powerful for a super fast charge.

Vaibhav Singh
Good Power - Good Price

Big, great charging, Love the flashlight. 20,000 heavy power bank.

Praveen Naidu
Awesome battery pack.

The power bank is powerful. It charges my phone very quickly.

Great portable power bank.

I use it to recharge my phone when needed. It's very handy.

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