Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

The warranty period for different Muvit products shall be as specified hereunder. The applicable warranty service type shall be “Carry In” only unless otherwise specified.

When making a limited warranty claim, you have to present: · a. the device(s) (or affected part thereof); · b. the original proof of purchase, which indicates the name and address of the seller, the date and place of the purchase bill, and a valid serial number in the case of serialized products. The company reserves the right to refuse to repair or service any product(s) in the absence of any of the following:

Claim warranty

Product Replacement:

The customer can easily replace the product unit received within 10 days. The company will arrange pickup and dispatch service.

The non-functional state of the product is caused by manufacturing defects only; the product should be in proper condition with no rough or wear-and-tear signs of usage. If the charger is in a poor state, claims may be rejected.

"Carry-in warranty" means the Customer has to send the Product(s) to any Muvit Service Centre by online courier and after repairing or replacing the product the company sends the product to the customer location.

Original proof of purchase;

valid serial number on other products Any physical damage to the product(s) shall render the warranty on the product(s) null and void.

E-Warranty policy:

Replacement or Repair: 1-Year Conditional Warranty It is necessary to get the warranty activated within 10 days of placing the order. No warranty claims shall be entertained if the customer does not get the warranty activated within 10 days, for whatever reason., the warranty is valid only for 1-Year from the date of purchase.


This limited warranty is restricted strictly to the territorial boundaries of India and confers specific rights and remedies on Muvit. Please read this document carefully. By claiming this limited warranty, it will be deemed that you have understood and accepted all its terms and conditions.

Muvit warrants include genuine Muvit product(s) and components at the time of purchase. 

For any claim under this warranty, Muvit will, at its discretion, repair and/or replace any malfunctioning product(s) by using a new product(s). If they opt to send a new product(s), the replaced product will be without the original packaging and accessories. All products replaced under this limited warranty will become the property of Muvit.


All products on which the warranty has expired will be repaired or serviced on a chargeable basis.

The warranty on all Muvit products is governed by the “Muvit Warranty Terms and Conditions." Any product not covered under the above terms will be deemed to be outside the purview of the warranty, and accordingly, service and support will be provided on a chargeable basis only.