Who we are ?


Muvit has been a leading company since 2017, we started a journey to make a difference in the way our consumers experience their everyday lives. The Muvit team's ability to create exceptional experiences has led us to become one of the top new leading mobile accessory brands in India, which sells a product every minute. At Muvit Store, we dream big and want to grow beyond borders to reach all over India and reach out to over 1+ million customers by 2030


At Muvit, we're cruising across lands and seas.

As we sail across lands and seas, every Muvit customer is our anchor! Their support keeps us going, even in rough times like 2020. We're grateful for their trust as we keep moving forward.


What's Next?

All the experiences we've encountered have been immense, but they drive us to strive for more, to become more, and to create an array of products to enrich your lifestyle.