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Online shopping safety risks and how to protect yourself

online shopping

What are the risks of online shopping? and how to protect yourself.

 In 2022, the whole world converting through the online platform. (COVID-19) According to a report based on observations of the world converting via online platforms, including India, which is a good option, but online platforms have two faces 1. “The White Side”. 2. “The Dark Side”. Nowadays, people prefer to buy everything from an online platform, but most of the time, people face the dark side of the online platform. There is major risks point (Online Shopping) downbelow.

1. Fake online stores

There are thousands of online stores to choose from nowadays, and people, without any query, choose them. Which is why people are facing criminal theft. A fake online store can take your money, personal data. 

(Note-Before buying any product online, you should know about the particular website before buying.)

Scam Website

2. Data Stolen

You should check before perching on an online store. Is a website secure or not (http- https)? A non-secure website can steal your personal data and use it against you. Like 1. phone number 2. email id 3. card number 4.address.

(Note- Don’t share any personal data with any non-secure website.)

3. Fake Review

Nowadayds, most online stores use fake review strategies to encourage people to buy their products.

Fake Review

4. Phishing Scams

The most common kinds of threats to be careful about. Hackers can easily make a fake page that resembles a genuine shopping site or page, and then get a buyer to enter his details there. Once the user has been tricked into sharing his personal details or bank details, he becomes a victim of an online scam.

5. Adware

If you buying any online website and you see a pop-up on the website screen, beware because in some cases, people click on the pop-up link and that link can take all your data and take you to another website which does not good.

Scam Pop-up

How To Protect Yourself

1. Website secure-  See website are secure or not (http – https) Before Sharing any data on website.

2. Check website address and contact number. Before buying you have to know about company contact number and service area.

3. Don’t click cam link- If you are buying a product and see any link that looks like a link to that particular website, don’t click that link.

4. Be Careful Before Pay– Never pay for anything by direct bank transfer, if you transfer funds into a bank account is a scam, you will never get money. Paying with a credit card ( Razer Pay, CC Avenue, Direct Pay, PayU, PayPal, Paytm )

5. Search On Google- Search that particular website information which website product you buying.

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